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Women deserve more. More time, more money, and most of all more joy. Take yourself, for example. You have gifts that are meant to be used, and using your skills feels good. It isn’t that complicated. When you’re doing what you love, everyone wins. So we help women build careers that fill them with joy. It’s what we love doing. It’s fun.

About 100 FUN THINGS

We help women live their dreams. Coaching builds the clarity, drive, emotional support systems, technical infrastructure, and professional resources to enable your life to take on the shape of your dreams. Branding, website creation, and social media support give that dream legs to run.

We also run events, workshops, a Facebook group, and throw parties dedicated to helping women have more fun, professionally, personally, and in every other way.


So what exactly is career coaching?

Maybe what you need to get your career off the ground is a solid support system, or a more organized schedule, or firmer boundaries. Maybe what you need is a good accountant, or a good cry, or all of the above. You probably need professional-looking social media and a great website. Our job is to help you figure it out, strategize a solid plan, and take action.

Your job is to show up every week ready to be held accountable, supported, and celebrated every step of the way. By the end of about twelve weeks, you’ll look around your life and see that it has taken on a new shape: the shape you have given it. And you’ll take it from there.

How Do Branding,
Social Media Styling &
Website Building Work?

For a lot people, the next step after coaching is designing a brand, social media presence, and website that convey their vision to others and attract clients. Great branding, social media, and web design communicate your dream with integrity: it looks outside the way it feels inside, and clients feel it too.

We make that happen for you: logo, business card, professional email signature (“Oh, that’s what those things at the bottom of emails are called!”), plus gorgeous social media accounts and a website that allows your clients and customers to fall in love with you and keep coming back for more.

Who We Are

Braha Bender


career coach // founder

Braha Bender
C.L.C., C.N.T.

Braha Bender trained as a business and life coach for four years at Bar Ilan University and the Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute. Prior to 100 Fun Things, Braha held senior positions in digital design and strategy, project management, and marketing at Mishpacha Magazine among other companies, and ran her own thriving writing and project management business for the better part of a decade. She has also been involved in Jewish education and theater for over 20 years. See Braha’s CV here.

Alexandra Zimmerman

Alexandra (aka Elisheva) is a designer working at the intersection of print, web, and experience design. Using her understanding of people, story telling, and design principals, Alexandra, works to uncover thoughtful solutions that are meaningful for each of her clients. No fluff, all butta.

Shanie Greenblum

Shanie is a ride-or-die go-getter who takes every project all the way and then some. Whether she is coordinating fabulous events, fundraising the roof, or running clients' social media accounts, Shanie brings her warmth, strategic thinking, and tireless enthusiasm to light up the room.
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