Career Coaching

What you do for six to ten hours every day effects how you feel about life. We want you to feel good. You may want to start a business, or take your business to the next level. You may have a job you love, but need a raise. Maybe you’re looking for a new position, or figuring out what to major in. Coaching enables you to identify and build a career you love.


What Is Career Coaching?

You walk in to coaching with an idea for your future. You walk out with that future well underway. Pinpoint exactly where you’re going, and map out how to get there. Secure nourishing professional and personal support systems to keep you accountable and inspired. Put the pieces in place to build your dream into a reality, from abstract changes like good boundaries to concrete new tools like effective negotiation skills. Conclude coaching ready to continue on your own.

How Does
coaching work?

Set the foundations to make you quit-proof no matter what challenge life throws at you: crystal clarity about the life and career you want, robust professional and personal support systems, healthy narratives about where you’ve come from and where you’re going, and a commitment to the rock-solid values at the core of who you are.

We’ll look at time and resource management, help you develop the skills you need, and get ahold of the tools to practically implement your vision. We will also strategically address the barriers that stand in the way of your success. The third phase of coaching will accompany you through the first strong steps into your new life, leaving you to continue on your own.

Budget &

The coaching process usually takes about 12 weeks, between 11 and 14 hourly sessions. The budget for this package is ₪6,000 or whatever you can reasonably afford (for projects we find particularly meaningful or exciting). This includes texting and brief calls with your coach between sessions. Plus, we take you out to eat from time to time. It’s fun.

What Our Clients Say

Braha Bender


testimonial // client

Temima Gass

When I started working with Braha in October 2018, I was floundering. I was up to my neck in work, dropping balls left and right, and still not making ends meet. Half a year later, I’ve transformed my business. Braha helped me work through a lot of self-limiting beliefs; realize my worth and charge for it; and develop a higher-end service to scale my business. She even helped me develop my brand and my business name! I’m looking forward to years of success on the path Braha helped me find.

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