The Artist’s Way
Discovering & Recovering Your Creative Self





For writers who don’t write. Dancers who don’t dance. Photographers who don’t take pictures. Painters who don’t paint. Filmmakers who don’t make films. Coders who don’t code. Designers who don’t design. Beaders who don’t bead. Ceramicists who don’t make ceramics. Actresses who don’t act. Singers who don’t sing. Creative women who are not living their creativity. A 12-week course in discovering and recovering your creative self.

You are a creative woman. You used to write or dance, paint or take pictures, bead or sculpt, act or sing more often. You loved it. It gave you energy and put a smile on your face. Now you’re ready to get that sparkle back. Maybe you need to get past your creative blocks for work, to make more money and do a better job. Maybe you just wish you had more joy in your life.

Here’s how: Since 1992 The Artist’s Way has helped millions of people all over the world to reclaim their creativity and use it to live happier, more fulfilling lives. Now it’s your turn. Join a group of women on a 12 week journey that will change your life. Receive a beautiful textbook, journal, pens, and art materials of your very own, and give yourself one morning a week to rediscover the joy inside you.

You know who you are. Want to get YOU back?

For more information and to register, contact Braha at 053-521-3036 or email

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