Writing Your Way Home





When words meet paper, something electric occurs. For those of us born under a compulsion to craft meaning from syntax, going too long without writing is like wandering through a desert. Something vital withers away. We need to hear our own inner selves, and feel our eyes growing wide with wonder when we see ourselves reflected in the welcoming eyes of our readers. What else slakes that thirst? And why go thirsty?

This six-week workshop introduces writers back to themselves through games, activities, and adventures intended to shake up your inner child, awaken your inner wise woman, and otherwise bring every part of you back to the foreground and allow them to speak. Whether your passion is poetry, fiction, or journaling your way to quiet glory, this workshop will give you the words and ways to reinfuse your writing with the vitality and pleasure that have been waiting for you.

Workshop graduates will become eligible to join a free, ongoing monthly writer’s meetup to continue providing support and good cheer towards the completion of writing projects and a vibrant writing life.

  • All books and materials provided
  • Small group

For more information and to register, contact Braha at 053-521-3036 or email info@100funthings.com

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