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Whether you are an artist longing to reinvigorate her creative life, a businesswoman gunning for a raise, or a tired mom getting your groove back, you are certain to gain more in good company. Our workshops, groups, and events provide the structure you need and the friendship you crave to fuel powerful growth


Courses & Groups

100 Fun Thing’s premier course is called The Artist’s Way. The course takes place over 14 weeks, each week bringing participants to different locations around Israel including the beach, museums, brunch buffets at swank restaurants, and other fun places. Coursework follows The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron which is provided in a gift bag full of other fun tools and toys at the first session of the course.

Events &

Pop in to our by-women-for-women monthly events and have some fun. Cheer on the singers, stand-up comedians, actors, dancers, gymnasts and more at our Open Mike Nights, or jot your name on the sign-up sheet to receive some applause for yourself! Share a poem at our low-key Poetry Slams where the audience votes on a winner. Sway to the beat at our women-only Dance-A-Thons with clean, positive music to get you on your feet.

Looking for support for your creative dreams? Join our writing workshop to develop your skills and share feedback in a criticism-free environment. Art Popup Workshops offer a one-off chance to make a colorful mess with collage, watercolors, pastels, and other mediums.


Come out and play by joining us for a picnic, a trip to the beach, a hike through the wildflowers, and other life-affirming moments that will fill you with joy. Snacks almost always provided. Because: snacks. That’s why.

What Our Clients Say

Braha Bender


testimonial // client

Temima Gass

When I started working with Braha in October 2018, I was floundering. I was up to my neck in work, dropping balls left and right, and still not making ends meet. Half a year later, I’ve transformed my business. Braha helped me work through a lot of self-limiting beliefs; realize my worth and charge for it; and develop a higher-end service to scale my business. She even helped me develop my brand and my business name! I’m looking forward to years of success on the path Braha helped me find.

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