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we promise you this: neve is like nowhere else in the world

Wake up bright and early to tend to the organic garden, get messy making candles, soaps, and other arts and crafts in the art studio, or work up a sweat at the gym with our workout gear and Boot Camp classes. Neve’s beautifully landscaped six-acre campus has tons of green space, an organic garden, dorms, a library, art room, music room, theater, and astounding views of Israel. Extracurricular activities, like baking and open mic nights, take place on campus every day.

Explore Neve's Campus

Thirteen buildings occupy the Neve grounds. Besides dedicated school buildings and dormitories, Neve campus also features a gym, art studio, organic garden, library, theater, outdoor amphitheater, cafeteria, synagogue, and student-run thrift store, The Niche. Music events, dance and theater performances, writing workshops, monthly brunches, seminars and other extracurricular events round out the Neve experience. Students explore the full range of Jewish experience through classes, retreats, volunteering, and travel opportunities, but also through the creative arts, social events, and other forms of individual self-expression.

“Neve is where I saw myself become someone I always dreamed of being.”

Shanie Greenblum // Brooklyn, New York

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