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What Are Neve Students Like? Is Neve For Me?

Neve is a school of Jewish education for the unaffiliated, the uninitiated, and the exploring. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower young Jewish women to personalize their Judaism, take ownership of it, and experience it as an ongoing source of strength and wisdom. We are best engaged by students who are not observant or at early stages of exploration. Although we accommodate a wide age range, most Neve students are between the ages of 19 and 32.

How many students are in Neve? Where are they from?

Neve’s student body averages from about fifty to eighty young women at any given time. While about 60% of Neve students come from throughout the United States and Canada, about 40% come from the UK and Europe, South Africa, South America, Australia, and even further abroad. However, there are many more students attending affiliate schools on the Neve campus from very diverse religious backgrounds and nationalities. One of the things many students enjoy most about Neve is getting to know fellow young Jewish women from all over the world.

Are classes in English? What if I don't know any Hebrew? What if I don't know anything about Judaism?

Yes, all classes are in English. While some classes require students to practice reading and translating in Hebrew, lectures and discussions are conducted in English.

We work with students who have little or no Hebrew knowledge and help them develop their skills and understanding of the language. We offer an Ulpan track for students looking to develop their Hebrew skills.

Our beginner program, Mechina, is specifically geared towards Jewish women with little to no Jewish educational background to enable them to learn more about Judaism and what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century.

What Will Studying at Neve Do For Me?


You will question the status quo and decide who you are.

Neve students are between the ages of about 18 and 33, a vulnerable, pressure-filled, critical age of adulthood. Neve provides a dynamic, judgment-free space for students to question the status quo and discover who they are and what they want out of their lives, which is different for each student.


You will be better equipped to succeed in the world, in relationships, and in your career.

Neve exposes students to the intellectual wealth of our Jewish heritage, its positive impact on our culture, and the rigorous thinking process that characterizes Jewish Studies. Students learn to think more deeply and analytically about the texts they read and the ideas they hear. They gain excellent critical thinking skills and are better equipped to succeed in the world, in relationships, and in the workplace — with greater confidence, self-awareness, and integrity.


You will make the friendships that will change your life.

Neve students build strong friendships while on campus and form lifelong bonds with other women from all over the world who learn from each other. Each student comes to realize that she is a part of something much bigger than herself, and that Jews come from every conceivable ethnic and religious background. When a student leaves Neve, she becomes part of a dynamic Neve alumnae network.


You will be empowered to make informed decisions about your jewish identity.

Today’s millennial Jewish women are making life- changing decisions about their identity without knowing how or if Judaism should play a part. Neve exposes students to Jewish values, philosophy, religion, and history so that young Jewish women can make more informed and productive decisions about their future.


You will receive the kind of warm support most millenials only dream of.

More than 750 young Jewish women come to Neve each year, and every student is provided individualized attention by a team of outstanding, experienced educators, teachers, tutors and mentors.


You'll have a great time debating with your teachers in class.

Neve’s classes are not only intellectually rigorous, but they are also spiritually engaging, resulting in an education that is stimulating and relevant. There are frequent discussions about the meaning and role of Judaism in one’s life and about Judaism’s unique contributions to the world.


You will be blown away by the experience of living in Jerusalem.

Neve’s picturesque, six-acre campus is located on one of the highest points of Jerusalem, replete with gardens, dorms, libraries, astounding views of Israel, and much more. What better way for young women to connect with their Jewish identity, Israel, and our 3500-year-old Jewish history than in Jerusalem, the heart and soul of the Jewish people?

Ready to ask your questions?

Neve is interested in women personalizing their Judaism, taking ownership of it, and seeing it as an ongoing source of strength and wisdom. Our alumnae lead enriched Jewish lives for themselves, their families, and their communities.

How long are Neve’s programs?

Neve programs run throughout the year with individual schedules constructed on a customized basis for each student. This allows Neve students the flexibility to experience classes and campus life from just one day to ten days, a few weeks, a few months, and even an entire year. Some Neve students choose to schedule regular getaways at Neve during their university breaks or vacation weeks, while others prefer to immerse themselves in a longer period of personal growth. It’s up to you.

Does Neve issue grades?

No, there are no grades issued. For Neve students interested in using a grade system to facilitate their studies, exams reviewing topics covered are available upon request. Neve lecturers are also available to assign and mentor students who would like to research and compose papers and other creative projects on their topics of interest.

Can I Use My Neve Courses As College Credits?

Students must study at Neve for a minimum of four weeks in order to be eligible to earn college credit. Many colleges and universities accept Neve courses for credit. It is important that the student consult the registrar of the home college she is attending, or plans to attend, to understand their college policy. A transcript for courses successfully completed at Neve will be issued upon request. The fee for each transcript is $10.00 USD and this can be paid by credit card. Note that once the request is received, it takes approximately a month to process a transcript.

Do I get to choose my own classes or do Neve programs have a set curriculum? Is there one-on-one learning?

Neve programs have a set curriculum, but students may adjust their schedule according to their own personal goals in consultation with Neve’s Director of Education, Rabbi Avraham Edelstein. Alongside classes, one-on-one learning is a core part of Neve’s schedule and curriculum. Neve staff provides 70 hours of one-on-one mentoring every week. In addition, every student receives four one-on-ones with a tutor every week.

Students may also request additional time with a private tutor if they wish to study something specific not provided by the syllabus, or mentoring time with a member of staff. In effect, every student has a somewhat individualized learning program.

Can I attend classes without getting credit, just to learn?

Yes, as most of our students do. By taking time off from university and professional obligations, Neve students enhance their decision-making abilities, consolidate their sense of identity and direction, and gain the confidence to re-enter the academic and professional worlds with greater strengths.

What extracurricular activities take place at Neve?

Neve campus is a fun place with lots to do. On campus itself, green thumbs wake up bright and early to tend the organic garden. Creatives get messy making candles, soaps, and other arts and crafts in the art studio. Athletic types work up a sweat at the gym using machines and equipment as well as attending classes including Zumba and Boot Camp. Other on-campus extracurricular activities include baking, open mikes, karaoke nights, and more.

Off campus, Neve students enjoy trips twice a month to museums, hikes, and other indoor and outdoor sites around Israel. (You don't want to miss the annual secret midnight dance party in the Judean desert.) Monthly Shabbat retreats introduce the entire student body to a new location, including panels and activities geared to give students deeper glance at the varied communities in Israel. Individual Shabbat accommodations throughout the city are arranged based on student interest. In addition, Neve offers students two annual overnight getaways to Eilat and Northern Israel with fabulous activities.

Are there trips?

Yes. Neve students travel off campus every two weeks on trips including hikes, beach days, bonfires, pool visits, volunteering, museums, site tours such as the Knesset and other places of interest, and more. Two yearly highlights are the annual Eilat getaway and the annual Northern Israel getaway, each lasting several days and jam-packed with incredible activities. Besides, every Shabbat is a potential adventure as Neve facilitates individual student accommodations around the city by request. The entire student body comes together during monthly Shabbat retreats including panels and activities to allow students to get to know the many diverse Jewish communities throughout Israel.

What is there to do near the campus?

Neve is located in Har Nof, a thriving neighborhood in Jerusalem. Dozens of eateries, from burger joints to sushi places to pretty pasta-and-sandwich cafes, are just a ten-minute walk away. Frozen yogurt, pizza, falafel – you name it, Har Nof’s got it. Plenty of fun stores, from clothing to houseware, are also just around the corner. For nature lovers, the gorgeous Jerusalem Forest is right down the block, offering a breathtaking view from every street in the neighborhood and plenty of walking and cycling paths in the woods. Swimmers have access to several nearby pools. The center of Jerusalem is just twenty minutes away by bus, giving students easy access to one of the most iconic cities on the planet. You can fall in love with the magical, winding alleyways by exploring on your own, or you can attend one of the endless cultural events taking place around the city. Highlights include the annual Light Festival in and around the Old City, the International Arts & Crafts Fair in Sultan’s Pool, the International Book Fair bringing countries far and wide together at The First Train Station, and so many more. There are also dozens of parks, attractions, indoor and outdoor malls, and other fun places throughout the city offering Neve students plenty to do.

Is there a gym?

Yes. Students have unlimited access to gym machines, equipment, and classes including Zumba, Boot Camp, and more. Learn more about the Neve gym on our Campus page.

Does Neve have Internet & Wi-Fi?

Yes. Wi-Fi is available in the main school building during non-class hours.

What happens on weekends?

Weekends at Neve are fun. Every week students can sign up for Shabbat meals with host families in Har Nof and the greater Jerusalem area, giving you the chance to meet amazing new people. In addition, there are also monthly Shabbatons on campus with special meals, speakers, and activities, and monthly Shabbat retreats in various locations around the country. Students can also choose to visit relatives and friends during their time off.

How does housing work? What do the dorms include?

Neve dorms are located on Neve’s beautiful six acre campus filled with blossoming flower gardens, inviting green lawns, and plenty of outdoor nooks for lounging and chatting on one of the highest plateaus in Jerusalem. Inside the dorm buildings, each apartment includes four bedrooms as well as bathrooms, showers, and a kitchenette. Each bedroom houses up to three students, but usually has a maximum of two students per room. Each student is given a bed, closet, and night table. Neve provides linens, blankets and pillows. If you are staying for an extended period of time, we recommend bringing your own as a "taste of home." A detailed packing list will be sent to you upon your acceptance to Neve. In addition, students can choose to attend classes at Neve and live off campus.

Are there RAs or dorm counsellors?

There are dorm counsellors and house mothers for each building.

What security systems are in place on campus?

Neve is located on a gated, secure campus with a 24-hour security guard. Each student is issued an ID card that they must present during off hours in order to obtain entry to the campus.

What meals does Neve provide?

Neve provides students with three meals a day in our bright and airy campus cafeteria. A fresh, colorful salad bar centrally featured at every lunch and dinner offers students a generous selection of seasonal produce, toppings, and dressings. Lunches and dinners also include various soups, fish, meat, and poultry, dairy dishes, vegetable entrees, and grains. Breakfast includes cereal, bread, and yogurts. Snacks provided throughout the day outside classes include fresh seasonal fruits, baked goods, and beverages. (Yes, we have coffee.)

Are scholarships and other financial aid available?

Yes. Students requiring financial aid to attend Neve have a number of options. Many local Jewish federations, synagogues, youth groups, and other organizations offer scholarships for study in Israel and are familiar with Neve. Students are directed firstly to identify and reach out to these dedicated sources of funding. Neve is also part of the MASA program, allowing MASA-qualifying students to use this funding towards their tuition.

If these are inadequate to fully fund tuition, Neve makes generous needs-based scholarships available to those students who qualify. Students may apply for financial assistance by filling out a Financial Assistance Request Form documenting her needs. Neve actively assists students to create payment plans that make attending Neve possible and will never turn away a qualified student who requires financial support. Please email Shayna Katz at for more information.

How do I apply?

It’s easy. To apply to Neve, send an email to Shayna Katz at to receive your application form. Once your application form has been submitted, Shayna will email you about scheduling your interview. When you’re accepted, the last steps are filling out your medical form and tuition agreement, and you’re ready to go!

How long does it take to find out whether I've been accepted?

After your interview with the dean, it can take up to two weeks but we’ll usually let you know within a few days.