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Sometimes your dreams go beyond a great website and social media. You want to throw fabulous events. You want to run groups, online and in person. You want to expand your customer base into whole new territories with wildly creative marketing campaigns. In short, you’ve got big plans. That’s why this package goes the extra mile. Receive the assistance you need to round up participants and pull off events with panache, or run bespoke creative marketing campaigns crafted to take your business and profits to new horizons. Welcome to the big time.

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What all our services share is a dedication to get to the heart of what your career needs. We want to understand your real bottom line, not just in terms of dollars, but in terms of good sense. Where do you ultimately want to end up and what will get you there? What is the dream that whispers behind your income, and how can that dream be amplified to attract the clients and customers who passionately share your vision?

Our bespoke services are individually crafted to take clients beyond the basics. That means your process is entirely individual. While some coaching will be involved, the number of sessions will be determined as needed. The same goes for our branding and website building services. We’ll assess your needs and put together a strategic plan to meet them.

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Timelines and budgets for bespoke services are determined on an individual basis. We love to schmooze and offer thirty-minute consultations gratis, so feel free to give us a call.

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Braha Bender


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Temima Gass

When I started working with Braha in October 2018, I was floundering. I was up to my neck in work, dropping balls left and right, and still not making ends meet. Half a year later, I’ve transformed my business. Braha helped me work through a lot of self-limiting beliefs; realize my worth and charge for it; and develop a higher-end service to scale my business. She even helped me develop my brand and my business name! I’m looking forward to years of success on the path Braha helped me find.

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