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Girl, you need to get out more! Remember when you used to throw on some lipstick, call up your friends, and look forward to a night of laughter, shoulders dropping, and having a good time? Well, we are on a mission from G-d to recreate that atmosphere for all of us “boring” adult women (ha!). From open mic nights where you can have your moment in the spotlight to comedy shows to laugh your head off to dance parties with no boys allowed, we are cocked, locked, and ready to rock! So grab your keys, call your friends, and come on out to play.


But What If I'm Religious/

So glad you asked. 100 Fun Things thinks boxes are a real tight fit for most Jewish women – and by tight, we mean that they can suffocate the bright flame of friendship burning in our eyes. Jewish women are bigger than our boxes. That’s why we aim to create events that are welcoming to Jewish women from every background and persuasion. We choose venues, activities, and caterers with an eye to make sure everybody will feel included and supported to have a great time. That means holding events in locations where nobody will feel out of place wearing jeans but catering of the most stringent kashrus standards, 100% commitment to kol isha but equally 100% commitment to a wild, fun atmosphere where you can literally and figuratively let your hair down.

How Do
& branding work?

See your business come to life with a logo, business card, email signature, and LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook pages that express the career you really want, instead of the knee-jerk habits of a graphic designer who doesn’t really get you. Good branding gives your clients and customers, or future employers, clarity about who you are.

Evoke the feelings and values you most want associated with your business and yourself. Attract the kind of client or employer you would most enjoy working with. Build in the direction you intend your business or career to grow. This package will leave you practically, powerfully equipped to do business or pursue a position.

Budget &

This package includes both coaching and branding services. These include your logo, brand style guide, business card, email signature, and LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook pages. Coaching takes about twelve weeks and branding takes about six, but these time periods may overlap depending on where you’re holding with the coaching process.

The budget for this package is ₪12,000 or whatever you can reasonably afford (for projects we find particularly meaningful or exciting). This includes weekly hourly sessions with your coach, as well as texting and brief calls between sessions, and up to three rounds of changes with your graphic artist. Most of this is over the phone. When we meet at a café from time to time, we buy you lunch.

What Our Clients Say

Braha Bender


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Temima Gass

When I started working with Braha in October 2018, I was floundering. I was up to my neck in work, dropping balls left and right, and still not making ends meet. Half a year later, I’ve transformed my business. Braha helped me work through a lot of self-limiting beliefs; realize my worth and charge for it; and develop a higher-end service to scale my business. She even helped me develop my brand and my business name! I’m looking forward to years of success on the path Braha helped me find.

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