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What Are Coaching
+Branding +Website?

Sometimes an idea is just too good to keep to yourself. This package takes your business all the way from the development and strategy stage, to the branding and social media that gives it a voice in the world, to a beautiful website to serve as home base for all the clients and customers looking for you. Achieve the satisfaction of a full-fledged business, clear, powerful, and out there in the world.

How Do
Coaching +Branding +Website Work?

This package starts with coaching to put the major pieces in the place to create and sustain a career you love: strategic clarity about exactly what you want to do, support systems to keep you going, and the various tools, skills, and services you need to make your business come alive, from service providers to time management systems and everything in between.

A natural outgrowth of your coaching process is your branding, which includes your logo, business card, email signature, and LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook pages, all using your customized colors and typography. Finally, launch your very own website, the confident, beautiful face of the business your clients and customers are already searching for.

Budget &

This package includes coaching, branding, and website building services. Coaching takes about twelve weeks, branding takes about six weeks, and the website building process takes about six weeks as well, but these time periods may overlap.

Branding includes your logo, business card, email signature, and LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook pages, professionally designed with your customized colors and typography, with up to three rounds of changes. Website building includes mapping out your website’s informational architecture and UX strategy, world-class design and content-writing, building of your website with up to three rounds of changes, and tutorial sessions to enable you to make further changes on your own. Websites covered in this package include up to four pages: Home, About, Services, and Contact.

The budget for this package is ₪18,000 or whatever you can reasonably afford (for projects we find particularly meaningful or exciting). This includes weekly hourly sessions with your coach, meetings with your designer, content writer, and webmaster, texting and brief calls between sessions and meetings, and of course your branding assets and website themselves. (Please note that this rate does not include hosting and URL costs for your website because these are ongoing annual fees, but we’ll help get you a great deal. Usually hosting and a decent URL come to about $20 to $40 a year if you know where to look. No more hidden costs.) Most correspondence takes place by phone and when we get together in person, brunch is on us.

A few awesome websites we made

Braha Bender


testimonial // client

Temima Gass

When I started working with Braha in October 2018, I was floundering. I was up to my neck in work, dropping balls left and right, and still not making ends meet. Half a year later, I’ve transformed my business. Braha helped me work through a lot of self-limiting beliefs; realize my worth and charge for it; and develop a higher-end service to scale my business. She even helped me develop my brand and my business name! I’m looking forward to years of success on the path Braha helped me find.

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