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Temima Gass: Uncommon Strategy

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Temima’s can-do, entrepreneurial spirit had led her to found a successful solo business as a virtual assistant. Despite overwhelming demand for her services, Temima was frustrated and embarrassed to find herself procrastinating on certain projects. At the same time, mounting deadlines and a sleep-deprived work schedule left Temima little time for her true passion: quality time crafting with her daughter.

Temima’s professional and personal life began to shift gears when we realized that she undervalued her work. Although called a virtual assistant, the services Temima rendered clients went far beyond the scope of assistance. Her natural inclination to see the whole of a business rather than just it’s parts and to implement more efficient operating systems consistently awarded clients significant savings of time and money. Temima, however, was still getting paid at virtual assistant rates.

Learning to value her services led Temima to focus on the big-picture projects she enjoyed and hire staff to handle the small-scale virtual assistance follow-up work some clients required. By titling her services accurately and building brand assets such as a logo and website that reflected the true nature of her work, Temima began to receive remuneration in keeping. Thanks to her newfound focus, not only did Temima’s procrastination melt away, but she also was able to cut her workload to enjoy happy afternoons crafting with her daughter every day.

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