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Women deserve more. More time, more money, and most of all more joy. Take yourself, for example. You have gifts that are meant to be used, and using your skills feels good. Trying new skills feels good, too. It isn’t that complicated. When you’re doing what you love, everyone wins. So we help women build lives that fill them with joy. That’s what we’re here for.

About 100 FUN THINGS

Who has time to get creative, dream big, or pursue her passion? We aren’t in high school anymore. Aren’t we all past that?

No. You are not past that, girlfriend, and neither are we. 100 Fun Things was founded in 2019 to provide the resources for women to reclaim their passions, play a little, build better friendships, and have some fun. We believe that women are the cornerstone of healthy families, thriving communities, and a peaceful world. Our job is to give you the resources to feel robustly alive and ready to make the impact you are built for. Let’s do it.


So how exactly do you have more fun?

We are a growing, collaborative community, so we would love to hear your answer to that question! On our end, we throw parties, workshops, and events. Just show up and have a good time. These include everything from Women-Only Dance Parties to collage-making workshops, fancy-pants picnic hikes and beach trips, poetry slams, and creative cooking classes with local chefs. New ideas always welcome! We also offer longer-term fun things like our popular three-month course The Artist’s Way. Each week is a luxury growth experience as we go through a process of rediscovering our creativity and eat snacks. Lots of snacks.

Besides events, 100 Fun Things promotes women’s wellbeing by showcasing the accomplishments of thriving, happy women in videos and podcasts. We aim to hold a whopping big conference every year called FunCon. Last but not least, 100 Fun Things coaching services are available for those who prefer a one-on-one assist. Got your back, girl.

Didn't You Say Something About
Outreach & Education?

Yes, yes we did. Many young women are convinced growing up has got to be a drag because they don’t know how to do it with style. The fear of becoming a bedraggled mom and overwhelmed wife becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We aim to create monthly programming bringing young women to the workplaces of women who are making meaningful contributions in their fields while achieving joyful fulfillment across the full spectrum of womanhood, from mothering to marriage. Sounds like a myth? Then this program is for you. We’ll talk about it when we get it off the ground. Volunteers welcome.

Who We Are

Braha Bender


career coach // founder

Braha Bender
C.L.C., C.N.T.

Braha Bender trained as a business and life coach for four years at Bar Ilan University and the Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute. Prior to 100 Fun Things, Braha held senior positions in digital design and strategy, project management, and marketing at Mishpacha Magazine among other companies. She also ran her own thriving writing and project management business for the better part of a decade. Braha has been involved in Jewish education and theater for over 20 years. See Braha’s CV here.

Alexandra Zimmerman

Alexandra (aka Elisheva) is a designer working at the intersection of print, web, and experience design. Using her understanding of people, story telling, and design principals, Alexandra, works to uncover thoughtful solutions that are meaningful for each of her clients. No fluff, all butta.

Shanie Greenblum

Shanie is a ride-or-die go-getter who takes every project all the way and then some. Whether she is coordinating fabulous events, fundraising the roof, or running clients' social media accounts, Shanie brings her warmth, strategic thinking, and tireless enthusiasm to light up the room.
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