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Doing What You Love.

Wait, can't I get coached by
my mom?

Yes and no. Part of your coach’s job is to plug you in to everything the people in your life have to offer. We’re all for connecting with support from your friends, mom, and everyone else who has your back. But the tools and skills Braha developed during her four years studying coaching at Bar Ilan University and the Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute, not to mention Alex’s rare ability to translate your precise inner vision into client-magnet design, might help you in ways that your friends, mom, and cousin can’t.

Also, a lot of friends and moms and cousins don’t have a clear-eyed focus on you – they’re emotionally involved with their own agendas, even loving ones. Coaching provides a unique space for you to figure out what you really want to do, and how you and you alone really want to do it, sans agenda. And that’s pretty unique.

On the other hand, if your friends, mom, or cousin can give you that – go for it, man. That’s awesome.

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So what exactly is career coaching?

Maybe what you need to get your career off the ground is a solid support system, or a more organized schedule, or firmer boundaries. Maybe what you need is a good accountant, or a good cry, or all of the above. You probably need professional-looking social media and a great website. Our job is to help you figure it out, strategize a solid plan, and take action.

Your job is to show up every week ready to be held accountable, supported, and celebrated every step of the way. By the end of about twelve weeks, you’ll look around your life and see that it has taken on a new shape: the shape you have given it. And you’ll take it from there.

1. More Money

You deserve to earn well for your time and effort. Learn how to receive your worth.

2. More Time

Build the systems that will allow you to spend your days doing what fills you with joy.

3. More Meaning

Your dreams matter because there are problems you were made to solve. And that’s fun.