So, Hey, What's The Deal With
100 Fun Things?

You know that feeling when you hit your mid-thirties and notice a whole bunch of women’s lives beginning to fall apart (including your own)? You know how you begin to wish you had more friends, more fun, more out-of-the-box adventures to make you feel alive again? And you wish somebody would dish some of that up for you instead of having to go out and make the phone call and schlep to the thing and make it happen all on your own because, let’s face it, who ever makes anything happen except middle-aged women?

Yeah, we got your back. That’s exactly what we’re here for. Adult women of all ages need opportunities to make friends, have fun, and get their vibe back. We create the events, run the courses, and provide the community to make you feel fully alive, well supported, and able to face the day. Because we all have days to face. And we don’t have to do it alone.

Braha Bender, Founder/Director