About 100 Fun Things

We Help Jewish Women Have More Fun

100 Fun Things Enables Jewish Women to Explore, Create, Connect, and Grow

100 Fun Things was founded in 2021 to provide events, courses, trips and other resources to help Jewish women have more fun. Our growing community of Jewish women from across the religious and economic spectrum have rediscovered their love of life, the support of one another, and the many ways in which they can reclaim their personal agency to contribute their unique gifts to society.

Tailormade Just For You

100 Fun Things Meets You Where You Are

Today 100 Fun Things is a worldwide community giving permission to women, especially tired moms and older singles, to do what it takes to rekindle that fierce, mischievous little spark of joy that once propelled them out of bed in the morning. Maybe it’s buried under the laundry. Time to dig it out. But how did all this get started?

The Problem

100 Fun Things recognized that pre-crisis adult women were being overlooked. Women were suffering from greater mental health problems than men. We were quietly falling apart. Resources and services existed to help adult women only after they had reached breaking point. And from secular to Haredi, polarized communities had locked many Jewish women into isolation from one another.

The Solution

But the data told a different story. Decades of research showed that to prevent mental health crises, women need opportunities to develop genuine social support. To depolarize social networks, women need to feel safe to be authentic outside isolating social norms. And to empower female agency, Women need to be supported to value and act on their unique ideas and strengths. In other words, preventing crisis for Jewish women didn’t have to be difficult. It had to be fun.

Because Jewish Women Deserve More

What 100 Fun Things Can Offer You

Take time out to relaunch your life. Events, trips, or an entire course with 100 Fun Things empowers Jewish women to build the families, careers, and lives that they dream of. Here’s how.

Fabulous Events

Relax and feel the magic at events that don't skimp on atmosphere.

Powerful Courses

Receive support to explore how you want to grow as an individual.

Incredible Friendships

Friendships begin here and last a lifetime. Find your tribe.

Caring Community

Access the support of the 100 Fun Things community around the world.

Amazing Trips

Explore Israel from the inside out with unforgettable tours and trips.

Creative Adventure

We cheer for you, dance together, play with colors, and make beautiful things.

Meet Our Team

Inspired & Caring

100 Fun Things was founded by Braha Bender, CLC, CNT. With the help of her good friends Dr. Judith Pieprz and Kathy Poodiack, Braha took 100 Fun Things from a sparkling little idea to a community of warm, enthusiastic women who no longer have to settle for feeling like they’re “too much”.