The Artist's Way


14 weeks to rediscover and unblock your creativity, make lifelong friends, and have fabulous luxury adventures.

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Who is the Artist's Way for?

For writers who don't write. Dancers who don't dance. Photographers who don't take pictures. Painters who don't paint. Filmmakers who don't make films. Coders who don't code. Designers who don't design. Beaders who don't bead. Ceramicists who don't make ceramics. Actresses who don't act. Singers who don't sing. Chefs who don't enjoy cooking anymore. Movers and shakers who don't move and don't shake. Creative women who are not living their creativity. You know who you are.

What will I get out of doing The Artist's Way?

The Artist's Way is a comprehensive program enabling women to rediscover, unblock, and build a life that supports their creativity through coursework, friendship, adventure, luxury food and supplies, and coaching. It's like a foreign exchange student program to the land of your more wonderful life. The life you could-should-would be living if you got your 'druthers. That's what this course gives you: your 'druthers. You discover, by the intensive coursework you are doing, the curated magical experiences you are bathing in every week, and by the parallel extraordinary experiences of your friends in the course, that your more wonderful life is at your fingertips. You've begun living it throughout the months of the course and now all you have to do is simply carry on and keep building. Because you deserve this. And the world deserves you.

What makes the course different than the book?

The Artist's Way course is a curated adventure bringing course members new experiences every week, including fabulous field trips, an abundance of art materials, and powerful, in-depth individual and group coaching. Each seminar includes a luxury brunch and comprehensive lesson plan focusing on original material not covered in The Artist's Way textbook. Drawing from research and wisdom traditions from around the world, seminars are choreographed to compliment and support participants' coursework in each week's chapter. Seminar activities enable participants to try new things (see tentative schedule below), but more importantly, group members enjoy the friendship, community, and support they need to follow through on their goals, achieve more than they could on their own, and have a lot more fun in the process.

When, Where, & How The Artist's Way Works


How many people are in a group?

Groups are kept small to allow for each member to participate fully, welcoming six to eight participants.


How long is the course?

The group meets for weekly seminars of three hours each from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM every Tuesday. There are 14 seminars, so what with the occasional holiday cropping up on a Tuesday the program runs for a little over 14 weeks. The program also includes two 1:1 individual coaching sessions that each group member schedules on her own time.


When does the next Artist's Way group begin?

The upcoming Spring 2023 cohort will begin on Tuesday, March 21st. What with the occasional holiday cropping up on a Tuesday here and there, it will conclude around the middle of July.


Where does the course take place?

Seminars alternate between meeting at Luciana Italian House in Mamilla and field trips to various amazing locations around Jerusalem. Among other things, the group plays hide and seek at the Israel Museum, goes for a poetry scavenger hunt in the shuk, composes their own Tehillim at King David's Tomb, and much more. (See the schedule below for further details.)


How much does The Artist's Way cost?

The price is all-inclusive: workbook, textbook, beads, paints, stationary sets, stickers, collage materials, all other art materials, entry fees to the Israel Museum, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, and all other field trips, seminars, sessions, brunch every week - food, coffee, whatever you like, the works. You just show up and feel like a queen for three hours a week because you are. The course also includes an ongoing WhatsApp group for support and accountability, as well as an alternating buddy system to build real friendships. After the course you have access to Artist's Way Alumnae Club meetings which are full of these joyful women who are taking their creativity and adventurous living to the next level. Your people. For 16 all-inclusive sessions (14 seminars and two 1:1 sessions), the full price comes to a little over ₪300 per session - much less per hour - which is ₪5,000 in total. Payment can be broken up into up to 12 installments made via credit card, advance checks, or bank transfer. Paying in cash is also possible but doesn't allow for as many installments. That's the story, morning glory!

"We can have a world full of women doing lovely, cool, interesting things."

The Artist's Way course is run by Braha Bender, CLC, CNT, the founder and director of 100 Fun Things. Braha studied at Bar Ilan University, the Moreshet Institute, and the Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute where she earned a little pile of post-nominals but more importantly received an excellent education as a coach, narrative therapist, and community leader. After over a decade climbing the corporate ladder and holding a variety of senior positions behind big, boring desks, Braha is fulfilling her lifelong dream to help women come creatively alive. She's having a blast and would love to share it with you.

Your Adventure Is Here

Tentative Schedule

Stickers, glitter, stationary sets, journals, pens, paints, entry fees, milkshakes, brunches, coaching, textbooks, and everything else is included.