The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way is for artists who don’t make art. Writers who don’t write. Dancers who don’t dance. Photographers who don’t take pictures. Painters who don’t paint. Filmmakers who don’t make films. Coders who don’t code. Designers who don’t design. Beaders who don’t bead. Ceramicists who don’t make ceramics. Actresses who don’t act. Singers who don’t sing. Chefs who don’t saute. Movers and shakers who don’t move and don’t shake. Creative women who are not living their creativity. You know who you are. (More information below and by WhatsApp at 053 521 3036.)


How Does It Work?

The Artist’s Way is an intensive 14-week course for women who are ready to unblock their creativity. Participants develop the skills, tools, and support to step out of burnout and rediscover possibility, reclaim their dreams, and lay the practical foundations to achieve them.

Groups are no bigger than ten participants. The group meets for weekly seminars of three hours each from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM every Tuesday. Each seminar focuses on a different theme complimentary to the week’s textbook chapter.

Between seminars, group members are paired to meet with a new partner each week. Support is also shared on a daily basis on an active, private group WhatsApp. Individual course work between sessions requires an investment of about one to three hours per week. Course members have access to up to two 1:1 individual coaching sessions with course leader Braha Bender, CLC, CNT.

Each seminar includes a luxury brunch and new experiences, alternating between meeting at Luciana Italian House in Mamilla and bi-monthly field trips where seminars take place on location. All entry fees, art and creative project materials such as journals, pens, stickers, stationary, beads, paints, and so on, as well as all refreshments are included. On-location seminars include playing a unique version of hide-and-seek at the Israel Museum, a poetry scavenger hunt in Shuk Machane Yehuda, composing illuminated psalms at King David’s Tomb, and more.



Can I see the syllabus?

Yes. WhatsApp for more information at 053 521 3036