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We bring Jewish women together to cultivate friendships, rediscover adventure, and fall back in love with their lives.

Want to Get Involved? Let's Schmooze!

Want to Get Involved?
Let's Schmooze!

100 Fun Things' mission is to help Jewish women have more fun

We believe Jewish women are the cornerstone of our homes, our communities, and our nation. But too many of us are burnt out and lonely. 100 Fun Things provides events, courses, and trips to generate the creative, bright-burning energy that fuels our best friendships and most meaningful achievements. The kind of energy we need to join the game or to start a new game altogether. Because women hold up the world.

Events, Trips & Courses
Outside the Box

Our events, trips, and courses provide the support you need to have a blast, get energized, and build a bigger life. Let’s go get your joy back.

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100 Fun Things

What Makes 100 Fun Things So Awesome?


The People

You found your tribe, girl. We're over here having fun and we saved you a seat.


The Events

Put down the to-do list, get out of the office, and leave the kids at home. This one's for you.


The Vibe

You're religious. You're secular. You're somewhere in between. Either way, we've got your back. Our events are designed to be welcoming to all Jewish women - including you.

Great People.
Gorgeous Venues.
Wonderful Times.

what women say about 100 Fun Things

The Shushan Files

What happens when four friends get together and decide to put on a Purim play about multiple dimensions, two crazy angels seeking psychotherapy, and one

Fun Things Daily

Need a pick-me-up? Don’t we all! Check in here for daily boosters to keep you juiced, cheerful, and ready to take on your world.